“We pay attention to every step in the production of sugarcane and sugar, ranging from growing good sugarcane, transferring sugarcane into manufacturing process to deriving good quality sugar. By supporting famers in sugarcane growing to ensure consistent sugarcane produce, income is being generated and returned to the community, while procedures that may pose environmental impacts are curbed. For this reason, we are certified with BONSUCRO standard basing our standpoint as a sugarcane and sugar manufacturer that contribute for social and economic sustainability."


The collaboration was formed between scholars, sugarcane farmers and private companies to set the standard for sugarcane manufacturing that achieves sustainability in 3 aspects, including social, economic and environmental. The assessment embraces operations, spanning land inspection, pre-planting, early planting, cultivating, harvesting, on-site manufacturing and processing, and initiating fair trade between buyers and sellers. All of which ensure sustainability in the industry.

The award was approved by a distinguished group of committee and experts from several sectors, including Bonsucro chairman of the board and directors, sugar plant, agricultural representatives, independent entity and entrepreneur’s representatives.


Certification SUI005
Membership TH0004 TH0014